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November 8th, 2022
The new album will have 9 new songs, two b-sides for two singles and we also recorded an extra song that will be part of a movie soundtrack, that is 12 songs in total.
November 6th, 2022
Another 6 songs tracked now off to the vocal recording stage.
November 4th, 2022
Tracking has begun on the next sessions
October 23rd, 2022
We finished tracking 6 songs for the new
album. Two weeks of till the next sessions.
October 21st, 2022
We have begun tracking the new album
October 1st, 2022
The new album "The Long Goodnight" will start tracking later this month
September 20th, 2022
16 demos have been written and prepared for the next release.
September 2nd, 2022
The Argon Red have begun working on demos for their next album.
August 1st, 2022
Original member Josh Thompson has returned to The Argon Red as the second guitarist and screamer
July 14, 2022
Nick Bilotta has joined the band as our new bassist and lead vocalist.
March 24, 2022
We will be undergoing an massive website
update soon, please be patient. Good things are underway.
October 31st, 2021
It's been a long time my friends but we are coming back for the summer of 2022. Please stay tuned and keep in touch, the next phase of The Argon Red will be here soon.
March 1st, 2020
With the pandemic now all over the world, we have decided not to play any shows for 2020 and will take a break through 2021. We felt it will be best for everyone to let the world heal itself till we see you all again. Please keep yourself safe !
August 1st, 2019
The official video for "Sunday" will be released tomorrow, check it out and tell us what you think, you can find it on here or on YouTube or Facebook. Many joys for all !!!
July 4th, 2019
Happy Independence Day
June 23rd, 2019
Keeping busy ? We are too, gearing up for something new in August
May 18th, 2019
Summertime is coming and we will have a new video released later in the summer.
April 1st, 2019
It's better to be a fool then not be fooled at all
March 3rd, 2019
We are still working hard on the new songs, which now have reached to 30 in total !
February 10th, 2019
Dead of winter blues? No worries, we are hard at work on new music for you all.
January 4th, 2019
Happy New Year everyone
December 18th, 2018
The official video for "Lack Of Words" was just released, check it out and tell us what you think, you can find it on here or on YouTube or Facebook. Many joys for all !!!
December 8th, 2018
Into The Strange (Track listing)

Chemical Imbalance (Album Version)


The Eternal

Common Sense

The Numbers Station

Into The Strange

A Double Standard

The Stalker

Case In Point

For Lack Of Words

Lessons In Regret

Spinner Of Yarns

Shell Of My Former Self

Dies Irae

December 4th, 2018
We have been getting a great response from the new singles. We are stoked you all have enjoyed them so much
December 1st, 2018
We have released another single last week, "Lessons In Regret" and will be releasing another one "For Lack Of Words" this week, if you like country alternative you will probably like this one and yes I said country lol.
November 28th, 2018
We released our next single, "Lessons In Regret" today, be sure to check it out and we have set the released date for our album is on December 31st 2018
November 1st, 2018
We have released our first single "Chemical Imbalance" and will be releasing "The Eternal" soon..keep looking for it! And Happy Thanksgiving!
October 1st, 2018
Happy Halloween, we are 95% done with the recordings
September 1st, 2018
More vocal sessions this week
August 1st, 2018
More studio recording, the album is 80% recorded
July 1st, 2018
Finishing the writing of the new album, hope everyone is having a great summer !
June 1st, 2018
More sessions at the studio, they are coming out amazingly
May 1st, 2018
Recording at the studio, new album is brewing.
April 1st, 2018
Come see us play live at The Teen Center in Dover, NH
March 1st, 2018
Writing new songs and practicing for our first show of the year.
February 1st, 2018
Change is good, dont be scared of change cause change will be scared of you.
January 1st, 2018
Happy New Year! Hope Santa was kind to you this time, we recorded three tracks so far for the new album, sounds quite nice.
December 1st, 2017
Happy Holidays everyone !
We are gearing up to head to the studio and start tracking our new album. It's going to be a bit of a change in style for us, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you will be able to see us live a few times this month before we take time off to record the new album.
November 1st, 2017
Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween, if you did get to see our show at the Harvest Festival, no worries, we have a few shows this month and in December for you.
October 1st, 2017
We decided to hold off with releasing any music till next year. We want to release a full length and will start recording it in December.
September 1st, 2017
We are releasing two E.P.'s this November,
"Lunatic Harvest" and "That Summer With You", both will keep you satisfied as we work hard to finish "Until It Becomes Forever". We also want to wish Happy Birthday to Lucas.
We are playing a few shows this month, come see/hear what you been missing.
August 15th, 2017
We are in the studio recording the backing tracks for the new E.P., the sessions are going  so well and we cant wait for everyone to hear what we have been working on.
July 3, 2017
Happy 4th everyone ! We are hard at work putting together something special for you all to have this fall and we are playing shows around the Northeast area, so come out to see us if we are in your area.
June 1st, 2017
We are going to do the reissuing of our catalog starting in December cause want to focus on a new E.P.
May 3rd, 2017
We are reissuing all our past albums this summer starting with, "Boombox", be sure
to keep checking back for more info on these awesome collections.
April 18th, 2017
We are proud to announce that we are almost finished with our new album and will be releasing it in June.
Pre-Orders will start in two weeks so keep checking here for the latest updates.
March 20th, 2017
We are making a video for our new single that will be out in mid April, so please keep on the look out for that and we are still in the middle of our Winter/Spring shows, come check us out at one.
February 25th, 2017
We are back!!!!, Jag has fully recovered from his surgery and now is ready to rock the stage again. We are starting our Winter/Spring concert series tonight in South Portland. Come out to see us and hear the new music we have in store for you guys. :)


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