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News Continued...
December 19th, 2016
We taking a break from now till February as Jag recovers from surgery. So we wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope for a speedy recovery for Jag.  See you all soon !!!!
November 11th, 2016
Hello everyone, how was your October ? We were very busy this past month working on our E.P. and full length album, (yes at the same time), plus we been busy working on new music and playing shows, so needless to say its been a crazy time for us. We are having our E.P. mixed and mastered now (sorry for the delay) and should have it within two weeks, so please stay tuned for it. We hope that you will enjoy what we have coming for you all and we hope that you will come to see us at one of shows to hear this stuff live. Stay safe and stay you!  
Love you all,
The Argon Red


October 18th, 2016


Hello fellow Argon's,

We are pleased to say we are almost done with our E.P. and full length and will be releasing them all to you shortly. But in the meantime we will release a special Halloween single to hold you over.

You will also notice we are also starting to book shows, starting with one on Oct 21st.

Be sure to keep a keen eye on our concert list for any of them coming to your area.

We would love to see you all and say hi.

Thank you for reading and Until It Becomes Forever ....

The Argon Red

Lunatic Harvest
The new E.P. from The Argon Red, a mix of everything you come to love about the band with a few surprises.
Track listing is as follows :
Castles Crumble
The Fight From The Outside
A False Sense Of Entitlement
Light On
Stay Here
Easy To Replace, Hard To Forget
That Summer With You


Until It Becomes Forever


Hello Goodbye
Never A Weak Moment
Just Be Who You Are
Better Off Without You
Keeping It Good
Before Tonight

I Will Say
Its Blah  
The Best Of Times
In Every Degree Of Solidarity
Symmetric Dreams
Goodbye Hello

Coming Soon


We will be debuting new clips here starting this summer so please keep checking back here for more details.

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